Why become a Housekeeper?

Why become a Housekeeper?


We’re often asked this question by Housekeep applicants who are eager to know what makes Housekeep the best place in London for independent cleaners to find work. Housekeepers who apply have often worked independently, finding their own customers, or have found work via more ‘traditional’ cleaning agencies.

But what makes Housekeep different and, more importantly, what makes Housekeep the best place for London-based cleaners to find work?

We’ve had a little think about this here at HQ, and below we’ve compiled the reasons we believe Housekeep to work so well for cleaners. 

Great customers, busy quickly

We’re a high-growth company, and we bring customers onto the platform daily. As we continue to grow, so does our roster of great Housekeepers. Due to the high-volume of bookings on our platform, you’re able to get busy really quickly. Although Housekeepers might start with one-off customers, your schedule will consist primarily of regular (weekly or fortnightly) customers after only a couple of weeks.

Not busy enough? No problem. ‘Extra Jobs’ on the app means you can pick up regular and one-off cleaning jobs outside of your usual working areas and hours, and even pick up a cover clean on the day.

Our customers are great too! Housekeep customers really appreciate the work their cleaners do, and they have given almost 100,000 5-star ratings so far. The average rating of a clean currently stands at an impressive 4.8-stars. We’ll let those numbers speak for themselves.

Jobs close together, and close to your home

We want cleaners to spend more time cleaning, and less time on the bus. 

Our great technology, through the Housekeeper app, plans the most efficient routes from job-to-job to minimise travel time and costs and maximise the time spent earning. When you join the platform we’ll sit down with you and agree your working areas and hours so your jobs are close together and/or close to your home. If you have any issues with your schedule, you only need to email the office and we’ll help right away. After all, as an independent cleaner we believe it should be you, not us, that controls your schedule.

Great Support

Our Headquarters is conveniently located in Farringdon, Central London. If you ever need to transfer keys, or just fancy chatting about an issue, you’re always welcome to pop in and everyone in the team is happy to help. If you’d rather not come in, or your issue is a little more urgent, you can instantly request support from the Operations team at head office through the app, where someone will get right back to you and assist however they can. 

We’ve surveyed Housekeepers to find out what really matters to them, and time and time again we hear that support is fundamental to a cleaner’s happiness. It’s because of this we have continually developed - and will continue to develop - great ways to offer Housekeepers as much help as we can.

Sense of community

What we love about being at Housekeep is the feeling of being a part of something. We’re still a young company, and we’re only going from strength-to-strength. We’re already London’s largest provider of cleaning services and we have much, much larger ambitions.

This goes from top to bottom and understand that we wouldn’t be here without the hard work of Housekeepers. We recognise commitment weekly through our Housekeeper of the Week series, and share all positive feedback from customers with Housekeepers. This helps us to build a strong sense of community, with cleaners - rightly - at the centre.

We are currently hosting daily recruitment sessions to bring new Housekeepers on the platform, holding these orientations at various times, morning and afternoon. If you’ve got domestic cleaning experience, a great work ethic and want to join us for the ride, why not come along to one?

You can apply to be a Housekeeper by following this link

We can’t wait to meet you!