This week's best cleaners: Whitechapel

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This week's best cleaners: Whitechapel

Check out this week's best cleaners in Whitechapel. They've received heaps of impressive customer feedback, and have been consistently super reliable. 


Cleans in: Whitechapel (E1)| Bethnal Green (E2)

Key attributes: Thorough and efficient, Beata catches even grime by surprise! Plus, she’s super friendly, punctual and dedicated to ensuring customers spaces sparkle from top to bottom. 

Our favourite review: “Right on time (early even) excellent service, polite and friendly, quick and efficient and easy to work from home whilst she was working. Will use again!”


Cleans in: Whitechapel (E1)|Bethnal Green (E2)| Canary wharf (E14)

Key attributes: Katia is a cleaning machine! With her efficiency and precision, her customers don’t even need to lift a finger while she works her magic. She’s also very friendly, making her a big hit with her customers. 

Our favourite review: “Katia is amazing! She is the sweetest and cleans really really well with minimal supervision. She is also very efficient and overall immaculate vibes”.


Cleans in:Whitechapel (E1)|Bethnal Green (E2)|Farringdon (EC1)Barbican (EC2)

Key attributes: Corina is a sparkling gem of a cleaner! With nearly 5,000 cleans under her belt, she consistently impresses her customers with her diligent cleaning. She’s also an absolute delight to have around - an all-round amazing cleaner. 

Our favourite review: “Very grateful for all of Corina Maria's hard work, she is an exceptional housekeeper, always very polite, super efficient, and incredibly thorough with her work.”


Cleans in: Whitechapel (E1)| Bethnal Green (E2)

Key attributes: Going above and beyond the rating scale, Gertrude leaves her customers with nothing short of a sparkling home. She’s a true cleaning professional, dedicated to achieving spotless perfection at every clean. 

Our favourite review: “Gertrude was very professional and thorough in her approach. She was wonderful to speak to as well. She made my home look sparkling clean. I would give her 10 stars if I could!”


Cleans in:Whitechapel (E1)| Farringdon (EC1)| Barbican (EC2)| Tower Hill (EC3)

Key attributes: Ahmed is a super reliable and trustworthy cleaner, known for his knack for getting spaces spotless. It's no know wonder he's a client favourite! 

Our favourite review: “Ahmed is fantastic - we meet in the morning, I give him the spare key to lock up post finishing the clean and I always come home from work to a super clean and tidy flat. Everytime I use HouseKeep I make sure to use him.”

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