Who Will Win The First Ever Great Housekeep Bake Off?

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Who Will Win The First Ever Great Housekeep Bake Off?

This week at Housekeep HQ we are very VERY excited about the new series of The Great British Bake Off (the new series starts tonight at 8pm on BBC1).

So excited in fact that we have decided to have our own bake-off right here in the Housekeep office.

Each week a member of the Housekeep Team will be creating a baked masterpiece (we hope) for the rest of us to taste. We will be then be voting annonymously for our favourite, with a winner to be announced at the end of September.

First up is Ruth Pirrett (me!).

A lot of coffee runs happen in this office, as I'm sure is the case with every busy London start-up, so I decided to make espresso cupcakes (providing a sugar and caffeine fix in one go). I'm confident of victory obviously.

The recipe is from London's very own Hummingbird Bakery

Next week it's Freya Gibbs' turn. She has a formidable baking reputation so we are very excited to see what she will make!

Hosting your own Great British Bake Off? Tweet a picture of your bake to @_housekeep and #GHBO for your chance to win a FREE home clean from Housekeep!

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