The Great Housekeep Bake Off - Week 6

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The Great Housekeep Bake Off - Week 6

This week's Great Housekeep Bake Off was a lesson in ingenuity with an entry from Rachel Wastell, our Marketing Manaager.

Rachel knows a lot about marketing (you can hear her talking about digital marketing in start-ups here), but she is the first to admit that baking is not her area of expertise.

Rachel honoured her homeland of Australia by baking Anzac biscuits, but this was not a catastrophe-free bake. The batch we enjoyed was her third attempt and were somewhat thinner and crispier than your traditional Anzac biscuit. Not to be defeated, Rachel decided to make her batch of biscuits into icecream sandwiches - an inspired move which tasted incredibly good and was one of the Housekeep HQ's favourite entries in the competition so far (it was certanly one of mine).

If we've learned anything this week it's that there is nothing that can't be fixed with icecream.

Next week, it's the entry we've all been waiting for. Housekeep's Founder and CEO Avin Rabheru will be baking! This should be good...

Don't forget you can tweet a picture of your own baked creation to @_housekeep and #GHBO for your chance to win a FREE home clean from Housekeep!



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