The Great Housekeep Bake Off - Week One

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The Great Housekeep Bake Off - Week One

We are very excited in the Housekeep office today and I’m sure you all know why. The Olympics are FINALLY over which means the new season of The Great British Bake Off can start! We love the drama, we love the baking puns and, most of all, we love cake so obviously we will again be holding our own baking competition here at Housekeep HQ, the Great Housekeep Bake Off.

Each week a member of the Housekeep team will be baking something delicious for the rest of us to taste (and the team has grown a bit this year, which is great news because it means more cake). We will be voting for our favourite and the winner will get bragging rights, and possibly a novelty apron.

The first entry in this year’s contest was baked by our founder and CEO Avin Rabheru.

As with his last entry, Avin’s chocolate and peanut butter brownies were quite possibly baked by his (we assume) long-suffering wife. They were delicious, but he might lose points for that.

In his defence, he has been busy continuing to build an award winning business and being interviewed on BBC Radio.

Stay tuned for next week, when Birthday Cake Queen Freya will be baking for us.

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