The Great Housekeep Bake Off - Week Two

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The Great Housekeep Bake Off - Week Two

It’s week two of the Great Housekeep Bake Off and this week’s contestant Freya is well known for making birthday cakes in the shape of things (we’ve seen cats, sheep and cups of tea to name a few). Freya decided to throw caution to the wind and bake something called a Strawberry Limeaid cake. It had a thick layer of strawberry and cream cheese icing and, wait for it, fluorescent green lime sponge!

An icing smothered, fluorescent green cake was just what we needed in the middle of a very busy week at Housekeep. After we ate it, we were all pepped up on sugar and artificial colouring and everything got super productive (for about 5 minutes, before the crash). It’s definitely the most original cake we’ve had so far.

Next week should be good, because we have TWO bakers as our tech team Gareth and Ian are both baking. Stay tuned...

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