What you could be doing instead of cleaning: infographic

What you could be doing instead of cleaning: infographic

Let's be honest - cleaning’s a bit of a bore. We all have the tasks we like more than others (I’m a washing-up guy, personally) but likelihood is there are things we’d rather be doing…things we’d much rather be doing.

It's now accepted truth that spending money to save time makes you happier. In light of this research, the team here at the Housekeep office caught up to discuss and share some of the activities that we’ve been able to dedicate more time to - and get more happiness from 😀 - since hiring a Housekeeper. 

For your pleasure, we’ve popped it in a handy little infographic seen below. We hope this will give you a couple of ideas for ways you can spend that precious extra time.


infographic made on canva.com, using free, stock elements and the Housekeep logo. 

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