The Housekeep commitment to customer satisfaction

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The Housekeep commitment to customer satisfaction

Last week Housekeep smashed another milestone in the quest to become the world’s greatest home cleaning service: 100,000 5-star rated cleans! Our goal has always been simple; to have the happiest cleaners, in the belief only happy cleaners can deliver the 5-star service quality that will see us become the world’s preferred domestic cleaning service. 

Over the last year we’ve made lots of changes to our technology platform and cleaner mobile app, that have made our cleaners even happier and more successful than they’d be in the private sphere - earning more money and travelling less.

Our commitment to these values has not only seen cleaner happiness grow, but has increased customer satisfaction - boosting our average clean rating to an industry-high of 4.7-stars. Even more impressive is that we’ve delivered this while doubling the size of the business in the last year!

We’re looking forward to another year of happy cleaners and business growth, as we expand the business further through 2018.

Now with over 120,000 5-star consumer reviews, Housekeep is London's number 1  home cleaning platform. Secure your first clean in minutes, here

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