Housekeeper stories: Andreea Tanasa

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Housekeeper stories: Andreea Tanasa

Housekeep has come a long way: growing from our founder and a handful of cleaners to the market leader in London. We’re proud of the many milestones we’ve hit along the way but our focus has always remained the same. We opened business with the goal to create the best platform with the happiest cleaners, understanding that this would lead to 5-star cleans and a brilliant customer experience.

One of our great Housekeepers is Andreea Tanasa, a talented fine artist who’s been on the Housekeep platform for over a year. Andreea has an educational background in fine art, studying at the The George Enescu National University of Arts in Ia┼či, Romania. Despite her young age, Andreea has already had her work featured in multiple exhibitions in her home country.

We’d strongly recommend heading over to Andreea’s website, to view her full gallery and to read a little more about Andreea’s story so far!

1) Hi Andreea. Can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m Andreea. I originally come from Romania and I’ve spent the last 2 years in London. My passion is art: drawing, painting and design, but I also love to clean. I’ve now been cleaning on the Housekeep platform for almost 18 months.

2) What attracted you to Housekeep when you started looking for work in London?

Housekeep originally attracted me because the people are very friendly and very understanding. You can also choose where and when you want to work, as well as how many hours you would like each week. This is perfect for any cleaner, especially if you have other commitments like I do with my art!

3 )What do you like most about working as a Housekeep cleaner?

I love making order from mess and cleaning to a shine. It’s also great to have a social job where I can communicate with clients and build relationships with them!

4) Tell us a little about your artwork

I’ve been an artist since 2010, and I’ve contributed to group exhibitions during High School as well as entering various competitions while studying at the University of Art and Design. This has brought me some recognition and appreciation for my artwork, which is great! With Housekeep, being in control of my working schedule has meant I can continue to focus on my art around my work.

5) Do you see any similarities between your art and your cleaning?

I see lots of similarities between my art and my cleaning: when I paint, I work in an orderly and clean fashion so my paintings look neat and polished. In both art and cleaning you also have a proud moment when you’re finished and you can step back and appreciate your work.

If you’d like to read more about the talented Andreea and her artwork, head over to her website. Here you can also view her gallery and enquire about commission or purchases.

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