Cleaning tips from Housekeep new joiners: 001

Cleaning tips from Housekeep new joiners: 001

To join the Housekeep platform you need to be an experienced, 5-star domestic cleaner. When we meet new Housekeepers we want to learn about their style of cleaning, and understand the methods that they use to achieve that perfect finish.

We've started collecting some tips of the trade from joining Housekeepers to share with others on the platform, and the readers of our blog.

This week...

...Rachel (who cleans in Eltham and Bexley) taught us how to clean a greasy microwave

  1. Put a microwaveable cup of water in for 2 minutes at full power
  2. The steam from the boiling water will help remove stubborn dirt
  3. Carefully remove the cup and use a sponge to wipe down the inside 

and Audrey (who will be cleaning with us in Edgeware and Stanmore) taught us how to make the shower screen sparkle

  1. After cleaning with bathroom spray, wipe the shower screen dry
  2. Leave it while you finish the rest of the room and then buff the glass with a soft cloth
  3. The screen will be streak free and have a fabulous shine

Thanks for these great tips guys - we can't wait to see these tips in action!

Have a great weekend all, and keep your eyes peeled for more great tips this time next week!