Cleaning work in London? 5 reasons you need to clean with Housekeep!

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Cleaning work in London? 5 reasons you need to clean with Housekeep!

Here at Housekeep we love bringing on fantastic new cleaners in London to our platform and we meet lots of great cleaners every day. All the people who come to meet us are looking for home cleaning work in London and we're able to help them right away!

We've compiled a list of our top 5 reasons that we think every London cleaner should join the Housekeep platform:

1. The Housekeep team are super-friendly

Whether you're getting set up on our platform for the first time or changing your schedule up a little further down the line, the Housekeep support team are always ready to help. Housekeeper happiness is always our no.1 priority and we do everything that we can to make sure that cleaners on the platform are the happiest in London! We're frequently surveying the Housekeepers on our platform to ensure that we offer the best service possible to everyone who works with us.

2. You pick your own hours & working areas

As an independent cleaner on our platform, we firmly believe that you - the cleaner - should be in charge of your own schedule. Just let us know where and when you'd like to work and we'll find you the regular customers that suit your needs!

3. Extra work at the tap of a button

Our Housekeeper app has a great page called Extra jobs which allows cleaners to pick up extra jobs that might be a little outside of their usual working hours and postcodes. This puts cleaners in control of their earnings, and we even offer the option for you to pick up cleans on the very same day! Impressive, right?

4. Immediate start

Here at Housekeep we believe in swift action, and onboarding cleaners is no different at all. Once you've registered, you'll be booked into one of our orientation sessions here in Farringdon - these only take a couple of hours and once you're finished in the orientation you'll be able to start the very next day! Perfect!

5. Fabulous customers

Housekeep customers are the very best in London! They really appreciate their Housekeepers, and the average rating they give their cleaner is an impressive 4.8 stars out of 5! Many of our customers also love the fact that their cleaners go above-and-beyond and recognise this by adding tips to their cleaner's pay. 

These are just a few of the many reasons why joining Housekeep is a no brainer for cleaners in London. If you're looking for home cleaning work in London then apply today by clicking here.

We can't wait to meet you :)

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