The 8 best eco-friendly cleaning products

The 8 best eco-friendly cleaning products

It’s about time that we all began to take some steps to ensuring a cleaner planet. Here at Housekeep we’ve decided that there is more that we could be doing; from our own behaviour here at head office, to the products that we recommend to the cleaners on our platform, we’ll be making a concerted effort to ensure that we act in the best interest of our planet.

We wanted to start by sharing our recommendation for 8 eco-friendly cleaning products that do the job, without harming our planet.

1. The bag for your bin, If You Care Recycled Large Drawstring Bin Bags

Made from at least 89% recycled plastic, these bags should be under every sink in the country.

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2. The mop for your floors, E-cloth mop

E-cloths clever implementation of microfibre tech promises clean floors without the use of ANY products. That’s right, you’re able to achieve perfect hardfloor finish with just water. There is the arguable disadvantage that these products do contain microplastics, but the E-cloth mop is very reusable, and the benefits of avoiding cleaning products altogether surely outweighs the micro-plastic con. 

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3. The tablets for your dishwasher, ecover classic dishwasher tablets

These tablets from ecover use natural ingredients, and come packaged in a 100% recycled cardboard box. With great consumer reviews, these products are a hit with cleaning enthusiasts for their streak-free, shiny finish. Reasonably priced and accessible from almost all decent supermarkets, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make the switch too.

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4. The washing up liquid (for those without a dishwasher), method washing up liquid

Now it’s no surprise to see method making an appearance on this list (and it won’t be the last time that they feature, either) - their products are sleek, stylish and, most importantly, they really work. The washing up liquid comes in Lemon Mint, Clementine and Pink Pomelo, so you’re able to choose the best scent for your kitchen. Packaged in recycled plastic bottles and eco-friendly ingredients this one’s a real winner.

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5. The spray for your windows, Seventh Generation Glass & Multi-Surface Spray

We recently published a full write up on this new product, and we loved the results. For a full evaluation, including before-and-afters, head here. In short, we loved the fact that the product delivered on tough marks, without that overly chemical smell that so many products carry! 10/10

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6. The cloth for wiping, Chicopee J-Cloth 3000 Compostable Cloth

Cloths are, perhaps unsurprisingly, pretty bad for the environment. Lots of people  have now thankfully migrated to the more eco friendly microfibres but these still aren’t 100% green. The J-Cloth 3000, however, is entirely compostable. When you’re finished, you can chuck this in with your other compostables and it will biodegrade in no time.

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7. The one for your hands, Ecover aloe vera hand wash

More ecover incoming. Although the simple design on this might not make it leap out at you, don’t underestimate this soap, just because it looks a little bland. With a classic lavender and aloe vera scent, you’ll be sniffing your palms right up until the next rinse. All labels and bottles are 100% recycled too - great job!

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8. The one for your oven, Dirtbusters bio oven cleaner

Not an easy task, and oven cleans have depended on strong (and planet-harming) chemicals for too long! Dirtbusters' formula is biodegradable and nowhere near as planet-harming as other chemicals on the market. In spite of its eco-friendly credentials, this spray is still tough on grease and grime.

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