Flexible cleaning jobs in London - with immediate start!

Flexible cleaning jobs in London - with immediate start!


Finding work can be really tough, especially if you are looking for a job that fits around the rest of your busy life! Here at Housekeep, though, we do our best to make working as flexible as possible for cleaners on our platform.

If you join Housekeep, we'll make sure that you can work at the times that suit you, and our great tech means that your cleaning jobs will be close together, and close to your home! Housekeepers only have to cover 2 or 3 postcodes, so there are plenty of cleaners on the platform who are able to walk between all of their customers' houses - this means that their jobs are convenient, and they don't spend all of thier earnings on travel.

Because of this, Housekeep is really popular with people who need to earn some money in a flexible way - we have lots of cleaners who have other jobs too, and fit cleaning in as-and-when they can during their spare time. We are also a really popular choice with parents, as we can find you work during school hours, when you don't need to look after the kids!

We also understand that people's circumstances sometimes change, so you're always able to update your working hours and areas if you need, as well as booking time off through your app whenever you need to - we just ask that we're given a couple of days' notice so we can let your customers know :)

We want to make it easy for cleaners in London to get set up with great customers in their area - we don't like to wait around either, and cleaners who join our platform are often able to start the VERY NEXT DAY! This means that you're able to start earning as soon as possible, and you won't be left sitting at home waiting to get going!

Do you need flexible work?

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