Housekeeper of the Week: Paula

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Housekeeper of the Week: Paula

This week's Housekeeper of the Week goes to the fantastic Paula!

Although Paula is East London-based, she is always willing to travel a little further to work as part of the Housekeep cover team! Here at the Housekeep office, we know that we can always rely on Paula to help us out. When she arrives with her customers, Paula is always polite and charming, and delivers a 5-star clean at every home she visits. 

Paula has received lots of 5-star ratings, so we had plenty to choose from today - here are our absolute favourites:

"I was utterly blown away by the results. It was the most impressive clean I've ever had, from not only Housekeep, but from any cleaning company. Paula truly went the extra mile and I was so grateful! There was so much attention to detail (not only cleaning, but also organising messy areas, and making the bed to hotel standards!) and it was such a lovely surprise to come home to."

"The flat was immaculate. The small touches Paula added really made a difference."

"My first ever booking with housekeep, and what a lovely experience! Paula was fast and efficient and cleaned my oven well."    

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