Amalia: 5-star Housekeeper & children's author

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Amalia: 5-star Housekeeper & children's author

We love hearing about the projects and passions of cleaners on the Housekeep platform. 

We wanted to shine a spotlight on one of our 5-star Housekeepers, Amalia, who is also a children’s author!

Amalia has recently released a new ebook called ‘Santa Claus’s Letters to You’, which deals with 2020 and the challenges that the year has brought to us all. 

You can read the book in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

You can also listen to a reading of the book on Youtube:

Amalia is really passionate about improving the world we live in, and educating children so they can help to look after the planet. She’s already planned a number of new books, which will focus on environmental issues like litter, air pollution and deforestation. You can find out more about these projects on her website, Stories2u.

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