Today is National Professional House Cleaners Day

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Today is National Professional House Cleaners Day

September 17th is National Professional House Cleaners Day!

The national day celebrates professional cleaners everywhere, recognising their contribution to creating a cleaner world.

Professional house cleaners help people all over the world - and their hard work keeps homes happy and healthy. In fact, clean houses are scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve sleep and even prevent illness

Over the last 18 months, cleaning has been more important than ever before, with regular cleaning recommended to help the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Whether it was cleaning hospitals in the NHS, or wiping down high-touch surfaces in flats & houses, the work of cleaners has been critical throughout the pandemic.

The fantastic work that cleaners do - every single day

We want to take the opportunity to shine a light on the fantastic work that cleaners do - every single day.

The hard work of cleaners is deceptively simple. Some people think that it’s just a matter of wiping surfaces, mopping floors and loading or unloading the dishwasher. But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Cleaners have to exercise amazing attention to detail at every single house they work in. They see hundreds of homes a month - each one different from the last. Every surface, floor & appliance needs to be cleaned in its own way - with the correct products and the right techniques. 

We’ve learned so many tips & tricks from speaking with our Housekeepers - from how to clean a bathroom perfectly, to the essentials for cleaning an oven. 

We’ve put that knowledge to good use, creating cleaning guides, and sharing these tips with national and international publications. Read more about our cleaning guides, as well as some of our favourite press mentions, here: 5* cleaning tips from the UK’s best cleaners

But it’s not just about having the know-how. As well as having superb attention to detail, cleaners also need to be punctual, reliable & professional. Customers depend on their cleaners showing up, and doing a great job - so it’s critical that they’re trustworthy and super reliable.

Thank you from Housekeep

Here at Housekeep we feel very humbled to work with so many fantastic cleaners each and every day. We wanted to use today to thank all of the brilliant cleaners we work with, as well as cleaners all over the world.

Thanks to the hard work of our cleaners, we’re now the UK’s biggest home cleaning service. Our fantastic Housekeepers have delivered over 1,000,000 cleans between them. And they’ve done so with an average customer rating of 4.9* out of 5.

In fact, our happy customers have left well over 300,000 5-star reviews. You can read more about this milestone, as well as some of our favourite recent reviews here: Housekeep passes 300,000 5-star reviews.

Today is also National Tradesmen Day

As well as being National Professional House Cleaners Day, today is also National Tradesmen Day - you can find out more about this, and our new award-winning trade service, here.

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