International Cleaners Day 2022

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International Cleaners Day 2022

This week, we celebrated International Cleaners Day, recognising the hard work of cleaners in homes, offices & public places across the world.

The international day of recognition (15th June) was first formed as an offshoot of the International Day of Justice for Cleaners & Security Guards. Now it’s used by hospitals, schools, and cleaning firms to celebrate the often-overlooked work that cleaners complete – day in, day out.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the work of cleaners came to the forefront. Enhanced cleaning and hygiene practices were often dependent on cleaners working even harder and longer than before. We were proud to support cleaners & the NHS during this period, with some Housekeep cleaners pausing work with their regular customers to deliver 5-star cleaning in hospitals – helping in the fight against COVID-19.

While this period put a spotlight on the cleaning industry, the hard work of cleaners has always been invaluable. Their work is everywhere - in our homes, offices, shops, public transport & more. But despite this, cleaning work is often under-appreciated and under-valued. 

Cleaning takes skill, expertise & hard work

The perception of cleaning is often that it’s simple. People think of it as wiping surfaces or running the vacuum around. But in reality, it takes know-how and experience to deliver the level of cleaning we’re used to. 

The cleaners we work with are the best in the business, with 1.5 million cleans completed and a 4.9* average rating. We’re fortunate to speak with them every single day, hearing all about what it takes to deliver thoroughly good cleaning.

We’ve collected some of the best tips & tricks and used them to write step-by-step cleaning guides. And we’ve shared this knowledge with some of the world’s most popular online publications, including Martha Stewart, the Sun, the Metro & the Mail Online.

Thanks to cleaners everywhere 🙌

We wanted to use the opportunity to say thanks to cleaners everywhere - we really appreciate your hard work and commitment.

But of course, we’re saying a particular shoutout to the clean dream team that we’re lucky enough to work with here at Housekeep. Thanks for your tireless efforts to help us deliver housework that works.

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