Housekeep are award-winning... SAY CHEESE!

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Housekeep are award-winning... SAY CHEESE!

You might have guessed from the photo that we’ve got some exciting news... That is indeed our founder, Avin Rabheru, all tuxed up winning a glitzy award!

That’s right, we won the UK Business Angels Association Award for ‘Best VC - Angel Deal of the Year’, thanks to raising $1m earlier this year to help us become London’s top rated home cleaning service.

Avin says, "We're delighted to win this prestigious award against some illustrious competition. We believe we have assembled an unusually strong mix of VC and angel investors, who bring a combination of consumer, operations and technology experience that will help us to scale rapidly. We also recognise that it's what you do with the capital that counts, so hope to be back in a few years winning a rather different award."

We’re really excited to have some fantastic VCs and investors on board including Pentland Group (behind the brands Reebok, Speedo, Berghaus), experienced entrepreneurs such as Brett Akker (founder of Streetcar & Lovespace) and consumer experts including non-executive directors from BBC, Tesco and Hargreaves Lansdown.

Once we’d managed to prise the award from Avin’s excitable hands (and gave it a quick polish) we were able to pop it on our desks in our London HQ.

Think we deserve more awards? Drop us an email or tweet us your suggestions!

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