Housekeep How to: Iron a Formal Shirt

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Housekeep How to: Iron a Formal Shirt

Okay so you’ve probably seen our awesome ironing video online by now. And if you haven’t, simply click here to check out our CEO, Avin Rabheru, offering his top tips for ironing your formal shirts!


As you’ll hear Avin explain, ironing shirts is all about creating and maintaining structure. This means a real focus on the collar and how you hold the shirt as you go.


For those of you that love a ‘how to’, we’ve created a step-by-step guide below!


Step 1: Dampen your shirt

The best shirts to iron are always slightly damp as creases iron out easier. Most irons have a spray function on them, so give your shirt a once over with the spray (be sure to top up your ironing water!). If you can get the shirt straight out the tumble dryer then even better as the warmth will help get the creases out even more!


Step 2: Warm up your board

An easily forgotten step… Go over the board several times before places your shirt on it, to get it shirt-ready. A cold board will mean more time ironing, and we don’t want that!


Step 3: The collar

Let’s start with the collar. Begin by ironing from the inside. Then turn it over and fold the collar, as you would like it to appear and give it a heavy press!


Step 4: Tackling the front panels

The front of your shirt is the first thing most people will see, so pay particular attention to this area. You’re going to go over the front at the end too, so on this occasion, iron the inside of the front panels, working from the seam inwards. Pay attention to those shoulder areas and use long smooth movements for the best effect.


Step 5: The back of the shirt

If you’re pressed for time (see what we did there?) then you can always spend less time on the back of your shirt – as it won’t be seen as often! Be sure to make sure that once you’ve given this section a quick iron, that it’s definitely dry!


Step 6: The tricky sleeves

Often the most challenging step, it’s the sleeves next. Start by ironing the inside of the cuffs to make them flat, this should help get that all-important crease in the sleeve correct. As you’re going, try not to crush the front panels of your shirt, but make sure that the sleeve is flat against the board.


Step 7: Re-do the front panels

It’s time to go back to those front panels again, so be sure to iron in-between the buttons on the front and give it a firm press to add the finishing touches.


Step 8: Hang it up!

Simply hang it up! Don’t put it in your cupboard just yet, you’ll want to put it on the end of your board if you can, or in another well aerated area to give it time to cool. And voila!


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