3 Simple Ways To Get Pet Hair Out Of Your Life!

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3 Simple Ways To Get Pet Hair Out Of Your Life!

We love our pets here at Housekeep HQ, but don’t enjoy the shedding of hair all over the furniture in our homes.

We’re guessing that Housekeep customers who sharing their homes with dogs and cats feel the same way...

So thought we’d share our Top 3 Tips to help pet owners keep their homes sparkling and hair-free.


1.Sticky rollers

You can buy clothes rollers cheaply online or in hardware shops. They are great not only for removing hair from clothing but can be used on furniture or soft furnishings too.


2. Window Squeegee

We picked this tip up from Pinterest and it’s amazing! A window squeegee is great for collecting up hair - just run it over your carpet and be amazed at the fluff you collect.


3. Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are another way to de-hair your home. Pop on the gloves, wipe over a surface and you’ll see that hair is attracted to the gloves. Dipping your hands in water will remove the hair for you to dispose of. Rubber balloons work in a similar way, with the static electricity attracting the hair to the surface of the balloon


Try these simple tricks to save yourself from pet hair despair!

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