5 Ways to Jazz Up a City Garden

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5 Ways to Jazz Up a City Garden

With limited outdoor space in most London homes, we really do have to make the most of our patios, balconies and gardens (weather permitting!). However, it can be difficult to get creative if you’re renting, or if you don’t have a lawn or anywhere to plant. Luckily, there’s loads of ways to make an urban jungle into your own little oasis.



1) Get creative with planting


There’s no need to use heavy ceramic pots to plant - not only are they expensive but they’re also heavy and tricky to transport. There’s an array of inexpensive and more stylish options, which will make you look super creative - for example, an empty crate of your favourite wine, or some salvaged pallets. Just make sure you have some drainage of the bottom so you can water your plants without killing them.


2) Light it up


Fairy lights and outdoor lanterns can help to create a lovely outdoor environment - often low cost and easy to find, outdoor lighting can be a great alternative to your average garden decor. If you have a fence or a balcony rail, try arranging some pretty fairy lights around the railing. And if you don’t have an outdoor plug, don’t panic - most outdoor lights are battery powered.


3) Get your hands of some jars


Mason jars are super stylish and can be used for a multitude of outdoor craft projects - use them to plant small succulents, or herbs. Just make sure you put small stones in the bottom so water can drain. You can also decorate your mason jars and use them as candle holders.


4) Save space with a window box


If you don’t have a garden, or want to add colour to your garden or balcony whilst saving as much space as possible, fill a window box with flowers and plants. Just make sure that you can correctly attach it to the outside of your window. If you have a windowsill, terrariums are a great way of getting plants into your home in a low-maintenance way.


5) Get designing


If you’re lucky enough to have a back garden, but unlucky enough to not have any lawn, you can create the illusion of a lush green oasis with a few tips and tricks. Long planting boxes can be arranged in a way to create borders and paths in your backyard, and big barrel planters help to break up the grey. You can also use decoration such as hanging baskets to add some dimension.

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