Round-Up: The Great Housekeep Bake Off

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Round-Up: The Great Housekeep Bake Off

GBBO might be over, but baking fever is at an all-time high in the Housekeep office. For the last 10 weeks, every member of staff in the office has taken their turn to bake something delicious for everyone - we’ve had bread, cookies, and of course lots of cake. With so many great entries, it’s hard to pick just one winner, so we’re rounding up the best bits from the Housekeep Bake Off.


Week 3 - Chocolate Chip Cookies

In week 3, our CTO Gareth baked some delicious (and huge) chocolate chip cookies, sprinkled with salt and extra gooey. Gareth’s cookies were an early office favourite - you can’t really go wrong with chocolate though can you? They were the kind of cookies you’d find in a posh coffee shop, so maybe that’s what he should do as a sideline.


Week 3 - Vanilla Celebration Cake

Week 3 also saw tech guru Ian bake a lovely vanilla celebration cake - it had a delicious sponge and vanilla frosting. The kind of cake you might have for your birthday, it hit the spot in terms of sugary-ness. Ian also made his own icing, which was incredible!


Week 4 - Red Velvet Cake

Week 4 was my turn to bake - not usually one for baking, I’m surprised it came out edible. I ruined my icing the first time around, so luckily Tesco had a big tub of cream cheese frosting which I used. The sponge also went brown instead of red, but at least it tasted good. To decorate, I sprinkled a load of pink glitter over the top - I wanted it to look sophisticated.


Week 5 - Lemon Meringue Cake

Ops Manager Lisa pulled out all the stops with her lemon meringue cake - she made tiny little meringue decorations, and even made her own curd which completely blew everyone away. I’m not usually a fan of lemon but it tasted fab, and it looked like an actual GBBO show-stopper.


Week 6 - Vegan Chocolate ‘Cheese’Cake

Week 6 saw Marketing Manager Liam produce a vegan, dairy free and avocado based chocolate cheesecake - initially it didn’t sound great, but surprisingly it tasted delicious and best of all, it was healthy! Top marks for sneaking an avocado into a cake, too.


Week 6 - Chocolate Crispy Cake

Ops intern Emma technically broke the rules by not baking, but we’re happy to forgive her as we loved her chocolate crispy cakes. She might have ditched the oven for the fridge, but we won’t hold it against her.


Week 7 - Snowflake Cake

The lovely Nidia was sick on her assigned week, but it was well worth the wait when she came in the next week with her lovely snowflake cake. It was essentially a vanilla sponge, but had been decorated in a very fitting winter theme, with snowflakes all over it.


Week 8 - Millionaire’s Shortbread

Another one who didn’t technically bake*, but Recruitment Manager Lindsey’s Millionaire Shortbread was still really good. You can’t really go wrong by mixing shortbread, chocolate and caramel - and it proved popular with the whole team.


Week 9 - Victoria Sponge

Lovely Ops intern Emily made a very chic and regal Victoria sponge - complete with fresh berries and cream. Emily's cake was probably the most polished and professional looking - it even had 3 layers which we all enjoyed. Perfect with a cup of tea.


Week 10 - Foccacia Bread

Ops Exec Ruth decided to break the mold in Week 10, by baking savoury bread - she made garlic and olive focaccia which everyone in the office loved, and ate way too much of. As much as we all love cake, it was a nice savoury break, and my personal favourite.


Week 11 - Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Our weekend warrior Hasna popped into the office mid-week to deliver her beautiful carrot cupcakes - they probably won in terms of decoration, but they also tasted amazing. Hasna explained to me that she doesn’t usually bake, so she did a great job - we’re just sad that carrot cake doesn’t count towards our 5-a-day.


All in all, it was a great 11 weeks of baking - we’ve collectively gained 10 stone but it was definitely worth it. Surprisingly, there weren’t any massive fails and everyone produced something delicious. I can’t say I’ll be baking again for a while, but coming into the office on Monday is great when you have cake to look forward to.


*The shortbread was baked (corrected by Lindsey - sorry!)

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