The Great Housekeep Bake off: weeks 10 and 11, and the big reveal!

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The Great Housekeep Bake off: weeks 10 and 11, and the big reveal!

Week 10 – Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Buttercream

This is the penultimate bake - that’s right... there’s only one bake left! The bake off this week was moved forward to Friday, meaning we had two bakes in a week! We truly do get spoilt at the Housekeep office! Shani brought in a lovely chocolatey and fruity bake! She well and truly cooked up a storm this week and has reported coating her kitchen in pink icing in the process! 

This cake was beautiful and devilishly good: rich and moist, coated with raspberry buttercream. The cake was decorated with little chocolate chips and chocolate in the centre. Chocolate and raspberry is a timeless combination. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the cake and the icing was insane!

Will this devilishly delightful cake win this year’s bake off; it has a very high chance of doing so!

Week 11 – Triple Layer Orange Cake 

This week was my turn and it was the final bake before the vote! I decided to do a cake that I had never done before, one from the queen of baking herself Mary Berry! I wanted to make a fruity and sweet cake, that everyone would enjoy. But will this be the cake to take the title...

The cake was lovely (if I dare say so myself...), sweet and orangey! I made a classic Victoria sponge and mixed in lots of orange zest. I then made a citrus sugar gaze which I poured over the cakes once they had cooled, which absorbed into the sponge. I then coated the cake with an orange buttercream, mixed with orange zest and then sprinkled the remaining zest over the top of the cake. Everyone seemed to like the cake and thought it was lovely! 

Will this orange delight sore to the top, we will find out very soon as this is the final bake!?

The Winner:

This year has been a fantastic bake off! Thank you to everyone who took part, everyone produced lovely, flavoursome and amazing bakes! We have had loads of fabulous entries and everyone has gone to town, from cookies, to bread and lots of cakes in-between! There’s one thing we are sure of: in the Housekeep office we are all awesome bakers! 

However, one contestant needs to be crowned this year's GHBO winner! The votes have been cast and the results are in. This year’s winner of GHBO is…LISA! 

Congratulations Lisa! Your bake was truly delicious and was the one cake to rule them all! That’s all folks…well until next year’s GHBO!

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