Why hire a cleaner?

Why hire a cleaner?

With a generally time-poor population in the capital city, countless Londoners have now realised that hiring a helping hand for tiresome and laborious household chores is an effective and valuable investment.

In our eyes, the answer to the above question is simple: hiring a cleaner will save you time and energy. We firmly believe that the cost of a cleaner is offset by these abstract benefits. 

Many people, however, still have doubts about calling in some help; these are sometimes logistical worries, questions of value or a slight sense of guilt about getting a helping hand. 

Do any of these concerns sound familiar?

When we joined London’s home cleaning market in 2014 these were the issues we saw. A large- but fragmented- market space meant that cleaners and customers were suffering alike. Finding a cleaner was difficult, and finding a good one was even harder... what about keeping them once you found them? Near impossible.

We have chosen to tackle these issues head on. In the last four years, we have constructed a platform that we now see working daily for thousands of customers and cleaners across inner- and outer-London.

Below we’ve listed some of the common concerns that we have heard about hiring a cleaner and a few ways we’ve worked to eliminate them.


“Do I really need a Housekeeper? I manage…”


Living a London lifestyle can take its toll. You’re probably busy, tired and feeling rather stretched. From our experience this often means the housework gets put off .. and put off… and put off... sometimes indefinitely. 

People sometimes tell us they’re a little anxious of hiring a cleaner, perhaps ashamed about the notion of paying someone to do tasks they feel they ought to do for themselves. The question that we’d ask is: are you doing a good job of it yourself? If so, what impact is this having on your valuable and limited free time?

A helping hand can mean better enjoying the time you spend at home and having a genuine chance to relax. We’ve had almost 100,000 cleans rated 5-star (see our homepage or reviews tab for real-time updates) and it’s the same comments time and time again: 



This one’s our favourite. It reminds us that what we do is making people feel better, and offering some control back to a chaotic day-to-day life.The old adage states that ‘time is money’, but for many Londoners time is so precious that it’s actually priceless. Recent research has shown that spending money to make time has a greater impact on happiness than material purchases, so why not reallocate some funds for a positive lifestyle change.


“Finding the right cleaner’s a pain though, right?”



5 years ago the process was an arduous one; people usually worked on a personal recommendation, or spent hours looking at ads in shop windows or local papers. Even once you found a cleaner, you had no way to vet their quality before hiring them. Because of this, a trial period was often advised, which often led to wasted time for both parties if things didn’t work out. 

This process now takes 60 seconds, and our great tech will match you with the best Housekeeper in your area instantly. You won't find yourself on a waiting list, either, and there are often slots available for the very next day.


"But what if it’s not worth it? Nobody wants to pay for a bad job..."


We agree.

Housekeepers on our platform have plenty of customer ratings, and those fresh to Housekeep have prior domestic cleaning experience, so quality is not an issue. We appreciate that living in London comes at a high cost for many and expenditure needs to be accounted for. It’s for this reason that we insist upon 5-star cleans from all Housekeepers on our platform to ensure your money is well spent.

Another comment we’re lucky enough to read on a daily basis is as follows:



You might think you’re coping with the housework but let’s not forget that these guys are, after all, professionals. Chances are they’re better at cleaning than you are - no offense ;-)

Still not convinced? 

Well the proof, they say, is in the pudding. Personally, we think that the 4.8-star average rating for a Housekeep clean is really quite the dessert.


“My last cleaner left London and I was in the lurch. What happens if my cleaner goes away?”


Once we’ve found you a lovely, 5-star cleaner, you’ll have the same Housekeeper week-in, week-out, meaning you can build a real relationship with the person cleaning your home. 

Of course, we hope this lasts forever.

If, however, your Housekeeper’s situation were to change for any reason, we’d help you to find the best replacement possible. After all, a summer break for your regular Housekeeper shouldn’t mean a summer of dusting for you.


"How can I be certain that I can trust cleaners from your platform?"


This was one we heard A LOT when we conducted market research prior to opening - people simply weren't sure they could trust their cleaners.

If trusting a Housekeeper has been an issue for you in the past, we have you covered: all Housekeepers complete a third-party background check when they join the platform, for your peace of mind. This check includes right-to-work, basic criminal records and an identity check.


“I’d like to try this - how long will you make me commit for?”


You don’t need to commit. Even if you book regular cleaning your schedule is flexible right up until 18:00 the day before your next visit. 

We don’t believe in tying you down with cancellation costs or long-term contracts. We’ve got a simple theory - if we can offer you the best service in London, why wouldn’t you want to stay?


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