Cleanliness: a genuine rift in many relationships

Cleanliness: a genuine rift in many relationships

If you research the relationship between marriage and domestic chores you find a shocking correlation: nearly one third of failed relationships cite frequent disagreements around domestic tasks as a reason for their breakdown.

Many of these couples informed researchers that they didn’t often disclose the reasons for their failed relationships, feeling that it was a petty, trivial reason to call it quits. ‘Growing apart’, it seems, may have actually been code for ‘they didn’t do the dishes’, or ‘they left a trail of mess behind them.’

So what if you had a little helper who could take this strain off one half of the couple? If only there was a website that allowed you to outsource these pesky chores in a matter of minutes…

All jokes aside, this research demonstrates quite a serious point. In the busy world we live in, tasks as simple as the household chores do put a real and tangible stress on people and their relationships. Hiring a cleaner may cost, materially, but the benefits for your comfort and peace of mind surely outweigh this cost. 

It’s worth remembering: there aren’t many relationship problems that could be fixed with a solution as simple as booking a Housekeeper. The half that skimps on their share of the household chores could even front the cost, perhaps? After all, this would show their other half an appreciation that - even if they’re not putting the gloves on themselves - it’s important the chores are done.

Really though - although the concept initially sounds a little silly - maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised about this.

After all, a clean homes is fundamental to all elements of clean living. Take an example: nobody feels inspired to prep healthy meals or cook up a nutritious storm in a grubby kitchen. In fact, the opposite is true - every day your kitchen gets messier the microwave becomes a more attractive option; or, worse still, the takeaway beckons. 

Similarly,  you’ve got to wonder how can you keep yourself clean in an unhygienic bathroom? 

What about your neglected white goods? If your fridge is filthy then it’s sure to be unhygienic, and possibly even dangerous. There really is no sense in putting yourself in danger by neglecting the once-monthly task of cleaning the fridge.

As well as being potentially hazardous, it’s also just unfair for one half of a couple to simply neglect their share of housekeeping duties. 

There’s no need to beat around the bush - most people don’t enjoy completing these tasks, and they’re generally considered to be tedious and onerous. That’s exactly why they’re tasks that ought to be shared. If you don’t fancy hiring a Housekeeper than a rota of daily chores might help in establishing a routine that means that neither party feels resentful at home. This also goes for platonic living arrangements too, and the distribution of household chores causes a similar strain on many of these living arrangements as well.

We’ve got plenty of customers who use or platform who live in HMO (Houses in multiple occupation); often Housekeepers clean just the communal areas: the kitchen, bathrooms, living areas and landings. In such an arrangement, bedrooms often remain the responsibility of their respective inhabitants, but the house is kept clean and hygienic with just 2-3 hours of work/week.

There are other benefits of hiring help for your relationships as well. Days are short and the weeks fly by, often without the real chance to spend quality time with your loved ones. Even that extra 30 minutes/day that a Housekeeper could save you means that you’re able to maximise the time that you spend with the people that really matter to you. If you’re busy working long hours, the chances are you really value the time you’re able to switch off from the world and catch up with your partner. It’s important that we make special room for this time and getting some help with the chores might be a good starting point for doing this.

To wrap up, this story sounds a little silly to start with, and at a glance you could be forgiven for thinking that chores were menial in the context of a loving relationship. The truth is, however, that a clean lifestyle starts with a clean home. If you’re not willing to put the work in to offer this in your living arrangement then there are options; the cost of a Housekeeper is pretty insignificant when compared to your happiness and the health of your relationships. By removing the source of this tension - housework - you could be taking the first step towards strengthening your relationships and friendships at home!