Why many Millenials now rely on home cleaners

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Why many Millenials now rely on home cleaners

Here at Housekeep, we've long-known that having a cleaner improves quality of life. Alleviating the responsibility of tiresome domestic chores leaves people more time to focus on leisure, family and their career. It's fair to say that these assets are those that people often hold dearest, so it's unsurprising that people are latching onto the increasing accessibility of high-quality home cleaners.

Hillary's, the home interior specialists, have recently reached out to Millenials (defined in their survey as 22-37 year olds) to find out how many hire a cleaner, and just what the reasons for this are. The results make for fascinating reading.

Of over 2000 surveyed, 20% hire a home cleaner, with the following reasons given:

  • Not having enough time to do it myself – 75%
  • Cleaning chores caused too many arguments between me and my partner/housemate(s) – 54%
  • I don’t want to do it myself – 38%
  • Wanted to free up some time for other things – 31%
  • I don’t do a good enough job – 18%

Three quarters of those asked felt time-poor, and that they simply didn't have the time to do a decent job. A whopping 54% noted that household chores affected their relationships with those they lived with (we've covered the effects of chores on marriages & relationships before, here), with 38% also admitting they just didn't have the motivation to clean. These stats corroborate the anecdotal evidence that we've gathered over years of cleaning homes.

What is super interesting to us though, is the reasons why some are still yet to hire a cleaner. Of these 80% of millenials, 42% admitted they wanted a cleaner, but couldn't afford one, with only 15% feeling they had enough time to clean themselves.

By our calculations then, this means that over half of 22-37 year olds either have - or wish they had - a home cleaner.

This marks a huge shift from a long-standing perception that hiring a cleaner is something exclusive, stuffy and reserved for older folk. Younger people are increasingly coming around to the benefits of home cleaning, and placing greater value on the abstract benefits than the monetary cost. This phenomenon, and the positive effects of material purchase vs. purchases that 'make time', is something that is beginning to emerge in mainstream consciousness.

Tara Hall, spokesperson for www.Hillarys.co.uk, gave the following statement to this effect:

“Hiring a domestic cleaner is becoming more and more commonplace these days, especially for young people who are facing longer working hours and trying to balance looking after a family.”

So what does this mean for Housekeep? 

We'll keep on doing what we do best - building great tech to match experienced home cleaners with customers in their local areas. We're already the market leader for home cleaning services and look forward - with great anticipation - to serving a new generation of 'Millenial', looking to reap the vast rewards of hiring a home cleaner.

Still in the unlucky 80% who don't have a cleaner - get a quote & book your first cleaner here

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