Housekeeper of the week: Luminita

Housekeeper of the week: Luminita

This week's Housekeeper of the week is the fantastic Luminita - congrats, Luminita!

Luminita is a friendly, reliable and thorough cleaner who works across Brent (HA1), Harrow (HA4) and Pinner (HA5). With her fantastic cleaning - and personality to match- Luminita is picking up 5-star ratings everywhere she goes.

Considering she's only been on the Housekeep platform for a little while, Luminita has had a crazy number of ratings - we had so many lovely comments to choose from when writing this! Below are our absolute favourites though:

"Luminita is very thorough, very organised and did a great job, she is happy to switch to whichever task you want her to complete."

"Luminita has done a great job today! I’m very pleased with how thorough she was. Looking forward to working with her in the future."

"This was my first clean with Luminita and I was so impressed. I would highly recommend her and housekeep. I’m so pleased to have found both"