5 Surprising Facts About Cleaning!

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5 Surprising Facts About Cleaning!

1. Cleaning is actually really good exercise!

It turns out that cleaning is actually super good exercise. It's been reported that a 2 hour clean, comprised of standard chores like ironing & washing dishes, could burn up to 215 calories - that's about the same as a 20-minute run!

That doesn't mean you ought to feel obliged to clean yourself though. In the two hours that you'd spend completing that clean yourself, you could burn those calories (and then some!) at the gym with another hour freed up for whatever activity you see fit.

2. Cleaning products are old. Like, really old.

Most people will be unsurprised to hear that trusty water was the world's first cleaning product. Still highly effective to this day, humankind has been relying on water to cleanse since the dawn of time.

You may be surprised to hear though that cleaning solutions are also pretty old too! The first cleaning solution was discovered by the ancient Babylonians in 2200 BC. The solution comprised water, animal fat and wood ash, creating the world's first soap

3. Everyone knows about 'spring cleaning', but people aren't actually sure where it came from!

There are lots of theories about where the tradition of spring cleaning came from. Many people still swear by the annual deep clean, without being quite sure where it came from!

Some people think that the spring clean started as an Iranian tradition, conducted in preparation for the Persian New Year. Others trace the tradition's roots back to Jewish tradition, and the removal of chametz from the home for the duration of Passover.

4. Cleaning for yourself can make you happy - but having someone else clean for you makes you even happier!

Lots of people report that having a clean home helps to keep them happy, and many find that the process of cleaning de-stresses them too! There's no denying that having a good old clean can give you a quick happiness boost, but is this inherently because you are cleaning.

Actually, it looks as though this boost actually comes from a combination of factors.

Firstly, having a clean home is scientifically proven to lower stress levels and improve sleep quality - two important elements of happiness. Secondly, the exercise we mentioned earlier also improves happiness, due to the release of endorphins. These two factors, when combined, create the feeling of happiness and relaxation that people feel while cleaning.

It has also been proved though that spending money on a cleaner to help you out, although maybe feeling a little like a shortcut, can actually massively increase happiness. You can read more about that here.

5. We spend soooooo much time cleaning when we could be doing other things!

Life is short, but many of us continue to spend hours every week cleaning when we could be calling in a helping hand. Even if you live alone in a small flat, you're probably spending 3 or 4 hours/ week doing chores. If you live in a large, family home, this number could be much higher, and well into the double figures.

Think about all of the amazing things that we could be doing instead of cleaning. If you never had to clean you could become fluent in a language in just 1.5 years, or train for a marathon in 0.5 years. If these are things that you've dreamed of doing but never had the time for, then it might be time to think about calling in a little help around the house. Click here to get a quote on your first clean.

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