How a clean home can keep you healthy

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How a clean home can keep you healthy

We all know the superficial benefits of a clean home; it is, of course, lovely to live somewhere that you're happy to spend time in and feel proud of inviting your friends and family to visit. A truly clean home, however, is about so much more than the eye can see, and many of us Brits are neglecting one of the most important benefits of cleanliness: our health.

Recent research from Dettol has shown that over half of Brits don't actually know that you can avoid cold and flu viruses with an efficient and thorough cleaning routine. It's ironic - two-thirds of us fear that we'll spread such viruses to friends, family and colleagues, but only 17% of the population are cleaning with this in mind! It seems that people just simply don't know what they could be doing to avoid getting ill!

If you have children or are otherwise vulnerable, keeping this in mind is particularly important. The average child catches 4-8 colds per year, so there is real benefit to be had in taking measures to stop the preventable spreading of viruses. Even for adults, who tend to catch 2-5 colds per year, this can have a big impact on one's personal and professional life. In fact, minor illnesses such as coughs and colds were the most common reason for sickness absence in the UK in 2016, accounting for approximately 34 million workdays lost, which has a huge knock-on impact on the economy.

It's for this reason that Dettol (who actually first started by cleaning hospitals) have launched a new campaign: "Clean it. Kill it. Stop it", aimed at raising awareness of preventable illness.

Of course, none of us enjoy getting ill, but what can you do if you just don't have the time to clean?

No sweat, we're all busy and it can be tough to find that extra time to clean. In the world we live in today is it really a surprise that so many of us are only cleaning the dirt we see?

This is where Housekeep steps in. We specialise in pairing time-strapped Londoners with an experienced local cleaner who can help keep their home in tip-top condition. So why not get an instant quote now, and take the first step to a helathier life today.

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