Vote for Housekeep in the Europas 2022

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Vote for Housekeep in the Europas 2022

Housekeep is in the running for the Proptech award at the 2022 Europas.

The award is looking to celebrate the best Property Tech startup or scaleup in Europe. The final decision is down to a public vote – so you can help us to win.

Here’s how you can vote for Housekeep:
  • Click here
  • Select Housekeep
  • Vote in other categories or skip through to the end of the survey
  • Click Finish Survey
Why Housekeep has been nominated

When we started Housekeep, the home cleaning industry wasn’t working.

You might find a good cleaner - if you got lucky through a neighbour or a local website. You could get your house cleaned – but you had to remember to get cash out and trust a stranger with your keys. And cleaners could find work – but they had to travel all over the place and hope they’d get paid on time.

So we set up Housekeep: to do cleaning better.

Over the last 8 years we’ve been busy combining smart tech with smart people to make housework work. For customers, we’ve developed the most sophisticated cleaner management tools on the market. And for cleaners, we’ve built job allocation and route optimisation tech that reduces travel time & boosts earnings. This tech has saved cleaners over £8 million in travel costs since launch, and boosted cleaner earnings by up-to 50%

About the Europas

The Europas was originally formed in 2009 by TechCrunch editor-at-large Mike Butcher to recognise and celebrate the innovation emerging from Europe’s burgeoning tech startup scene. Fast forward ten years and the Europas are now dubbed as “Europe’s Hottest Startup Awards” – recognising excellent startups across all industries.

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