How to dust (like pros!)

How to dust (like pros!)


  • A feather duster

  • Or, a dry microfibre cloth


  • Work high to low

You must always dust higher surfaces first. This is to ensure that you don’t dust onto surfaces that you’ve already cleaned.

  • Dust around the room

Work either clockwise - or anti-clockwise - around the room to ensure that you clean all surfaces. Using a methodical approach like this helps to make sure that no areas get missed.

  • Dust ornaments and other items (and lift to dust beneath them!)

In almost all rooms there will be items that sit on surfaces. In the kitchen, this may be the bread bin, and in the living room this may be frames photos or ornaments. These items often need dry dusting too! You must, of course, be super careful when doing this, as these items are often fragile and sentimental. It’s also essential that, where possible, these items are picked up and dusted beneath. 

  • Make sure you dust all horizontal surfaces

Dust moves around rooms and can hang about in the air. It is, therefore, super-important that you dust absolutely everywhere that you’re able to reach. As a rule of thumb, we say that all horizontal surfaces that you can reach should be dusted.

  • It’s not just surfaces that need dusting

Remember, dust collects almost everywhere, and it’s not just your sides that need dusting. Dust gathers on door frames, hanging pictures, lampshades and a million other places. Make sure that you’re giving all of these areas the time and effort they deserve to guarantee a dust-free environment.