How to clean a fridge

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How to clean a fridge


  • Washing up liquid

  • Clean microfibre cloths

  • Sponge


  • First, empty the fridge of any food or drink and place this to one side.

  • Run a sink full of hot water and washing up liquid. A couple of squirts should do.

  • Remove all of the shelves and drawers inside the fridge and leave these to soak in the sink.

  • We’re going to use a mild solution of washing up liquid and water to clean the inside of the fridge. If you have a spare spray bottle, this will come in handy. You can also use a bucket containing your solution too if that’s easier. You should only need a couple of drops of washing up liquid to make the solution.

  • Drop your microfibre cloth in the solution and wring, so that you’re left with a wet - but not soaking -  cloth. If you have a spray bottle, spray the solution directly onto the surfaces, and use a slightly damp cloth. Starting at the back corner of the fridge, wipe left-to-right and top-to-bottom, ensuring you reach all of the corners. Most marks should life easily, although any stubborn spillages may require a little elbow grease. 

  • Repeat this process on all sides of the fridge, as well as on the inside of the door. 

  • Make sure that you’re reaching into all crevices and any ‘nooks and crannies’ too!

  • Go back over the entire inside of the fridge with a dry microfibre to ensure no suds or water remain.

  • With your damp cloth, give the seal around the door, as well as the handle and facade a good wipe too. Again, go back over with a dry cloth so that no soap or watermarks are left behind.

  • Close the fridge and head to the sink, where your shelves & drawers are soaking.

  • Using a non-abrasive sponge, wash up all of the shelves and drawers. You can leave these to air-dry, or use a clean tea towel to speed up the process.

  • Once dry, reassemble the fridge to complete the clean!

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