How to make a bed

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How to make a bed


  • Laundry Basket

  • Fitted sheet

  • Clean & ironed top sheet

  • Clean & ironed duvet & pillow covers


  • Start by clearing all duvets, pillows and sheets from the bed.

  • Strip the pillows and duvets of their covers and place all dirty linen into the laundry basket.

  • Next, apply the clean fitted sheet on top of the mattress. Fitted sheets are usually elasticated the whole way around so should be easy to fit on snug.

  • Once your fitted sheet is on, lay your top sheet over so it hangs off the bed equally on all sides. Tuck the top (pillow end) and bottom (feet end) edges under the mattress.

  • Next, you’ll need to make ‘hospital corners’ for each corner.

  • We’ll start at the bottom left of the bed. Stand looking up the bed, and grab the left-most corner of the fabric. Pull this fabric onto the bed, forming a 45 degree angle with the bottom left corner of the bed.

  • With this fabric on top of the bed, take what remains of the hanging sheet to your left and tuck this fabric beneath the mattress.

  • Bring the fabric from the top of the bed back off, allowing it to drape toward the floor.

  • This fabric should now be hanging directly in line with the bottom left corner of the mattress.

  • Lift the mattress and tuck in the remaining hanging fabric, to form a neat, hospital corner.

  • Repeat the above process to make hospital corners for the remaining three corners of the bed.

  • Put fresh, ironed covers on the pillows & duvet and neatly reassemble the bed.

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