How to mop a floor

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How to mop a floor


  • Mop & Bucket

  • Floor cleaning product (pick a product that's suitable for your floors)


  • Before starting, you should clear the floor as much as possible.

  • Vacuum or sweep any dirt and dust from the floor; mopping should be the last cleaning task you carry out in a given room as you’ll need to leave the floor to air dry.

  • Start by cleaning the mophead in a sink that you’re yet to clean. Washing the mop head with warm water will ensure that no debris is spread around while mopping.

  • Fill a bucket with the correct quantities of product and warm water, as instructed on the packaging. Make sure that the product you're using is safe for the floor surface you're cleaning, and always check the instructions.

  • Dip the mop into the bucket and then wring the mop head. For the perfect clean you’ll want a damp, but not soaking, mop head.

  • Starting in one corner work side-to-side and back-to-front with the mop - make sure to get under tables & chairs etc. and move any items such as bins to clean beneath. You should be dipping the mop head back into the water and wringing again frequently to ensure you’re not just moving dirt around.

    To ensure that everywhere is covered, you can also use a ‘figure of eight’ motion so you don't miss any spots.

  • Once you’ve completed the floor, you can wring the mop head completely and run over with a clean, dry mop.

  • Finish by emptying your bucket down a drain you've not yet cleaned & allow your mop to dry fully.

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