Oven cleaning basics

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Oven cleaning basics


  • Oven cleaning product

  • Rubber gloves

  • Soft, non-abrasive cloths


When it comes to cleaning the oven, the instructions vary greatly from product to product, so it's difficult to give precise instructions.

There are a few basic rules though that you need to follow for all oven cleaning products.

  • Firstly, make sure that the oven is completely cool before you begin - you should never attempt to clean an oven that has recently been used.

  • Always read the product instructions carefully. Oven cleaning products are very strong, and often corrosive, so it's more important than ever that you read the instructions carefully.

  • Always use rubber gloves. As above, these products are strong and can be damaging if your unprotected skin comes into contact with it, so make sure you wear a dedicated pair of rubber gloves.

  • Always protect the flooring beneath the oven. If your product spills out of the oven onto the flooring below, this will cause irreparable damage to almost all surfaces. Lay newspaper or old cloths beneath the oven door to protect against any drips.

  • Never allow the product onto surfaces. If you are cleaning the trays from within the oven, these should never come into contact with any of the kitchen surfaces. Similarly, any cloths or sponges that have come into contact with the cleaning product should not be placed on any surfaces. Make sure these are washed off and binned after the oven clean.

  • Always wash away all residual product. You won't want any leftover product inside the oven, or on your trays, so make sure to wash the product all off diligently. To help with this, you can bring a bucket of warm water over to the oven to clean your cloth between wipes.

  • Always remember to clean the inside of the oven door too. In cleaning the cavity and trays of the oven, it can be easy to forget about the door. This is the window to the oven though and can look particularly horrible if covered in gunk and grease.

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