How to safely remove disposable gloves

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How to safely remove disposable gloves


Public Health England advises the use of disposable gloves while cleaning during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Disposable gloves reduce the risk of transmitting the virus after you've cleaned a contaminated surface. To ensure effectiveness though, it's important that disposable gloves are removed correctly and safely.

Here's how to safely remove disposable gloves:

1. Pinch your left-hand glove by the wrist

Using your gloved right hand, pinch your left-hand glove on the inside of the wrist.

2. Pull your left-hand glove away from your body

Use your right hand to pull the left-hand glove away from your body. The left-hand glove should turn inside out as it comes away from your hand. Hold the left-hand glove, now inside-out, in your gloved right hand.

3. Remove your right-hand glove, from the inside

Slide the fingers of your left hand inside your right hand glove, being careful not to touch the outside of the glove. Use your left hand to pry off the glove, turning it inside out as you do so. The glove should roll off, enveloping the palmed left-hand glove and leaving your left hand holding the gloves.

4. Dispose of your gloves

Place the dirty gloves into the nearest bin.

5. Thoroughly wash your hands

Wash your hands with soapy water for at least 20 seconds after removing your gloves.

Wash the front and back of each hand, and spread your fingers to ensure that you're cleaning between them. Rub each of your thumbs in the palm of the opposite hand. Finally, scrub your palms with the back, and then the fingertips of the opposite hand.

Dry your hands thoroughly, and use a paper towel, or your elbow, to turn off the tap.

You can view the NHS advice on washing hands, below:

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