How to clean a sofa

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How to clean a sofa


  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Soft brush attachment

Optional extras

  • For suede sofas: suede brush, suede cleaner & a suede protector
  • For leather sofas: leather cleaning spray
  • For machine washable sofa covers: laundry detergent


  • Firstly, remove all of the cushions and throws from the sofa and place these to one side. 

  • Remove any large debris, such as lost coins or other wonders that have slipped between the cushions!

  • Attach the soft brush extension to your vacuum cleaner and give the sofa a thorough vacuum, working methodically from left to right, back to front. Ensure that the arm rests are also vacuumed, as well as the sides, front and back.

  • Now vacuum each of the cushions, on all sides, before replacing them and rebuilding the sofa. 

  • For fabric sofas: Check the instructions on the labels of your sofa cushions – if they're machine-washable, you can put these in the laundry at the recommended temperature. Then hang them to dry before reassembling the sofa.

  • For suede sofas: Use a suede cleaning brush to free any dirt and dust that's trapped in the nap. You can then apply a suede cleaning product, following the label instructions. It's usually applied directly to the cloth and then worked into the suede – one panel of the sofa at a time. Then follow up with a suede protector to protect against dirt.

  • For leather sofas: Apply a leather cleaning product according to the label instructions – you usually just spray and wipe. You can also buy cleaning wipes specifically designed for leather furniture.

  • Shake out any throws or blankets and replace carefully. Ensure that all cushions are plumped to give the sofa an inviting look – it should be roly-poly clean and ready to relax on.

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