How to clean a toaster

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How to clean a toaster


  • Clean microfibre

  • Small brush (can use a pastry brush or a soft-bristled toothbrush)

  • Washing up liquid

  • Clean sponge


  • Before cleaning any toaster it’s super important that you unplug the toaster.

  • Wipe the top of the toaster to remove any resting crumbs on top. Take a small, soft brush and brush the inside of the slots gently to dislodge any crumbs that are stuck in the interior of the toaster. 

  • Once all the crumbs are dislodged, remove the crumb tray and tip into the bin. You should also gently turn the toaster upside down over the bin or sink to get rid of any loose crumbs inside.

  • Wash up the crumb tray and leave on the side to air-dry.

  • Damp a clean microfibre cloth in a solution of washing up liquid and hot water, and wipe down the exterior of the toaster. Before you start wiping, wring out the cloth to ensure that you’re not using excessive liquid.

  • If your toaster is a shiny stainless steel, you may want to buff it further with white vinegar followed by olive oil or a dedicated stainless steel cleaning spray.

  • Your crumb tray should now be dry and your toaster can be reassembled!

  • You shouldn't have got any liquid on the inside of the toaster while cleaning it. If, however, you believe this could have happened at any point then do not plug the toaster in until you are certain these areas have dried.

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