How to clean a toilet

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  • Toilet cleaner

  • Toilet brush

  • Anti bacterial spray

  • Microfibre cloth/kitchen towel


  • Start by flushing the loo

  • Next up, apply toilet cleaner around the underside of the toilet rim - we’ll leave this to soak on while we wipe down the exterior of the toilet

  • Use a multi-surface/anti-bac spray around all areas of the seat and cistern, including the base of the toilet. 

  • Using a clean microfiber or kitchen towel, wipe the areas that have been sprayed - don’t forget the underside of the toilet seat, the flush handle and the hinges, which can sometimes be tricky to reach.

  • Once the exterior of the toilet is nice and shiny, it’s time to reach for the toilet brush. Scrub the inside of the toilet basin with the toilet brush.

  • Start at the top, just beneath the rim, and work your way around and down the toilet. Scrub beneath the water level as well, with the same motion.

  • Flush the toilet, cleaning the toilet brush with the flowing water.

  • Tap the stem of the brush on the rim of the toilet, and return to its holder.

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