How to vacuum

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How to vacuum


  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Floor roller attachment

  • Soft brush attachment


  • Before vacuuming, ensure that the surface is appropriate for vacuuming and that you have the correct attachments for the job that you’re looking to do. For example, you’ll need to use a soft attachment for wooden floors to ensure that there is no scratching.

  • Check whether the vacuum cleaner is full and, if so, empty into the nearest bin. Certain vacuums will require you to change the bag at this point.

  • Once you’ve selected the appropriate attachment it’s time to get going. When you vacuum you should aim to get each and every little bit of lint, dust & fluff up, so an eye for detail is essential. 

  • Start in one corner of the room and work your way backwards, out of the room. This ensures you don’t have to walk back over the areas that you’ve vacuumed. Make sure to vacuum under chairs & tables, and move any light furniture that you can to clean beneath.

Top tip: make sure that you work into the edges and corners of the room so nowhere is missed! 

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