We're hiring!

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We're hiring!

We've got some exciting news... Housekeep are on the hunt for someone bright, motivated and with the ability to learn very quickly.  In return, you can join one of the strongest start ups teams around and get genuinely involved in the key decisions driving growth. You'll see every win, every mistake and every lesson learnt. Could you be our next Customer Service & Marketing Intern?

The role will involve working closely with the Marketing Manager and the Operations Manager on the following areas:

1) Developing marketing collateral and content

2) Creating, monitoring and improving our marketing campaigns

3) Talking to potential and current clients and responding promptly and effectively to enquiries

4) Facilitating the day-to-day schedules of housekeepers 

The role is paid and will be discussed during the recruitment process. We would like an immediate start and can offer a full time role at market salary subject to performance. We're based in Central London, with a fun, vibrant office.


The Candidate

The successful candidate will: 

1) Have a strong academic record, including strong analytical ability

2) Have professional working experience

3) Have an appetite for working hard and learning quickly

4) Be personable with our team, customers and housekeepers

5) Be a self-starter who can get things done quickly    

6) Be social media savvy and full of creative ideas

7) Have excellent communication skills, including excellent, fluent English


Application Process


To apply for the role, please email us

1) A link to your LinkedIn profile

2) Your CV

3) One paragraph on why this role is exciting and why you would be good at it (max. 100 words)


We look forward to hearing from you! 


The Housekeep Team


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