The latest changes to Housekeep...

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The latest changes to Housekeep...

With 2015 off to a fantastic start, and Valentine's Day just round the corner, we're feeling pretty loved up here at Housekeep HQ! We've already shared with you our suggestions for Valentine's, thanks to our startup lovin' team, so we thought we'd let you know about a few changes here at Housekeep!

We've been looking for ways to improve the Housekeep service, and thanks to our lovely customers, we've been able to make the service even better.   

Housekeep now offer...             

 The same housekeeper, every time

We know that our customers like having the same housekeeper, every time, and that's why we do our best to provide this for you. Your regular housekeeper gets to know your home, and how you like it cleaned which gives you peace of mind! 

 Fixed hourly pricing (£14.50 per hour)

Sometimes pricing might seem confusing, so we've made it super simple! Book the amount of hours that you'd like for your clean, and simply add-on hours for any extra services like ironing. We charge a flat rate of £14.50 per hour for all services - no matter what time of day or where you are - north, east, south or west!

 New add-on services, including laundry, oven cleaning, fridge cleaning, indoor window cleaning & ironing

We now offer a range of add-on services, so why not get 1 hour of ironing with your weekly clean? Or get your oven ready right before a dinner party? Simply add-on an hour either when booking, or give us a call and we can get this arranged!

 100% satisfaction guarantee

Not 100% happy with your latest clean? Get in touch and we'll try and put this right for you.


We always enjoy hearing suggestions; think you've got a great idea for an add-on service for us? Let us know! 

Got any questions? Drop us a call or email, and our friendly team will be able to answer any questions you may have.


The Housekeep Team

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