Need to Know: Updates to Your Housekeep Members Log in

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Need to Know: Updates to Your Housekeep Members Log in

Over the past few weeks our tech team have been working extra hard in HQ to give you more power than ever before over your cleaning visits.

We've launched a number of new features in your Housekeep log in, so you can now edit & book cleaning visits, email visit receipts, rate past visits, change your access instructions, or even share your cleaning preferences with your housekeeper.



Here's how it works:


Click here to book a new one-off visit or a new regular visit. If it's a new regular visit, one of the Housekeep Team will give you a call if we need any extra information.


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Click here to view and edit your future visits. You've got full control of your individual future visits. You can increase/decrease hours or tasks; you can change the day/time based on your cleaner's real time availability that week; or, you can skip visits if you're on holiday. You can also increase/decrease the hours or tasks for all of your future visits. You can't change your regular day/time or how often your cleaner comes just yet - but we're working on it!


Click here to provide extra information about your property and cleaning preferences to your Housekeeper. You can let them know about access, pets, where you keep your cleaning equipment and any specific cleaning requirements that you may have. You'll also be able to edit any information that you have already provided. Your Housekeeper will be able to read this information on their phone app.


Click here to see your unique referral code - and earn unlimited home cleaning credit. If your friends & family book in with code, they'll get a 2 hours of FREE cleaning and you'll earn £10 per referral!


Click here to let us know if you would like to give your keys to your Housekeeper for a regular visit, so they can clean whilst you're out. You can also provide opening and locking instructions, which your Housekeeper can access via their phone app when they arrive.


Click here to see your previous visits. You can rate your cleaner for past visits and send yourself receipts at the click of a button.


Click here to update your card payment details. If you receive an email letting you know that we have been unable to bill you for your clean, please update these details here.


Click here to update your personal information including your preferred email, primary and secondary contact number and whether you would like your Housekeep receipts emailed to you after your visits.


It's great to see so many of you using these new features! If you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch.

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