Inside Housekeep: Updates You NEED to know about!

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Inside Housekeep: Updates You NEED to know about!

It's been an exciting Summer at Housekeep with multiple award nominations, 4 delicious bakes for Housekeep Bake-Off and some very exciting tech changes, implemented by our new Lead Software Engineer - Ian!

We're still growing fast, with 1000s of London customers and 100s of happy home cleaners across London and we're working hard to improve your Housekeep experience. So, to all of our Housekeep members who may have missed the latest changes...

Here's what's been happening:

1. Your Member Account- You now have more power than ever before...

Have you visited your member account lately? If not - you're missing out! You now have more control than ever before over your cleaning visits, as we've been working hard to give YOU the power to manage your cleans. Through your member account you are now able to:

  • Book in one-off visits

  • Add extra services to your visits

  • Request a regular cleaning service (if you have chosen to trial us before committing to a regular service)

  • Instruct your housekeeper to collect your keys

  • Change your payment details and personal account details - including your email, and notification settings

  • Request receipts from past visits


That's not all - soon you will be able to reschedule your own visits, with the power to choose whether you stay with your regular housekeeper, or trial another housekeeper to secure the time slot you want. We know there's no place like home, so we're working to make it as easy as possible to keep yours sparkling clean.


2. Introducing Housekeep's unique real-time scheduling system!

Created by our incredible Head of Tech, Gareth,alongside our newest team member, Ian, is Housekeep's new unique scheduling system! As the first ever real-time booking system for home cleaners in the UK you can now book in one-off visits in real-time, without the need for over the phone confirmation! 


3. Smile - Housekeep is award-winning!

The team was over the moon to find out we had been named Startup of The Year in the International Business Awards, and the smiles haven't stopped since. For the second time, we have been shortlisted for The Guardian Small Business Showcase - this time for Innovaton in Funding. With a few other nominations under our belt, of which we are unable to announce yet - we're excited to see what the near future will bring!



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