How Clean is Your Home? Housekeep's Home Cleaning Gurus

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How Clean is Your Home? Housekeep's Home Cleaning Gurus

There's a Japanese cleaning consultant called Marie Kondo who is so committed to tidying up that she has developed her own tidying philosophy. It’s called the KonMari method and the idea is that if you have a designated place to put every single thing you own then your house will stay tidy forever. And when Marie Kondo says everything she means everything -  she even empties her handbag and puts the contents in all their designated spots every single time she comes home. She is probably the most organised woman in the world.

This got us thinking about other cleaning gurus who have made a living advising us how we should clean and organise our homes. Here are our top five:

Marie Kondo - @KonMari_Method

Marie is number one - obviously. Not only because she is super organised, but because she thanks all of her possessions for doing an amazing job before she puts them away. She’s nuts! We love her! 

Peter Walsh - @PeterWalsh

Is something of an organisational design expert. He is also a motivational speaker, bestselling author and was even a regular on Oprah. He wants us all to not only de-clutter our homes, but also de-clutter our offices and our minds - tidy house, tidy mind right?

Sheila Chandra - @tweetandtidy

A successful singer and songwriter, Sheila also wrote a best-selling book about tidying. Sheila’s cleaning method is similar to Marie Kondo’s but has a better name -  The Toothbrush Principle! She applies the logic that since we can always find our toothbrush because we always put it in the same place, why not apply this logic to the rest of our possessions? 

Kim Woodburn and Aggie Mackenzie - @AggieMackenzie

The ladies who brought us How clean is your house? - the show that made us all feel much better about our own moderately untidy houses. Kim and Aggie have cleaned some horrifically untidy houses, often just with natural cleaning products like baking soda and vinegar. They know home cleaning like the back of their hand, and they sure do have fun whilst doing it.

Shannon Lush

The many Australians in London will know Shannon Lush. She knows how to get any stain out of any material and is often on the radio providing stain removal advice to listeners whose cats have peed on curtains and the like. 

So, how clean is your home? Is it time to start following one of the famous five?

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