4 Things Chanel Can Teach You About Interior Design

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4 Things Chanel Can Teach You About Interior Design

We recently spoke with York Avenue blogger, Jackie, who told us to seek inspiration from all around. 

So, I invited my photographer (the wonderful Operations Executive Ruth Pirrett) along to the Mademoiselle Prive exhibition at the Saatchi gallery near Sloan Square a couple of weeks ago.

We queued for nearly an hour but the wait was worth it...


This exhibition was about more than just clothes.

Each room was set out exquisitely with a different theme, from an industrial style room focused on Chanel perfume to a room cloaked in white sheets, the exhibition from the fashion power proved they are about more than just clothes.


Turning to interior décor, these are the 4 things you can learn about adding some Chanel sparkle to your home...


1. It’s about more than content.


While making choices about what goes into your home is the biggest decision, we cannot overlook things such as smells. The smells found in the perfume room were beautiful and enticing. They added a whole new layer to the exhibition. Doing the same with your house can turn a house into a home, and it’s as simple as a spritz of your favourite air freshener, lighting the best candles, or purchasing an indoor plant.


2. Simple is more dramatic.


The most spectacular room was the simplest of them all. An all-black room saw delicate dresses framed only by a beam of light. It was beautiful without the fuss. While the temptation is to fill your room with hundreds of home accents you love and adore, a more sophisticated look can be achieved by just cutting it all back.


3. Take things you need and make them part of the décor


Decorating in small spaces means not everything can always have its own place, neatly tucked away in a draw. In the photo below we can see how Chanel have taken lipstick and used it to create part of this pillar. We don’t choose everything which turns into our décor, but we can choose how we display it. Keeping things like perfume bottles and lipsticks on shelves can mean your toiletries become beautiful decorations (perfect for small London flats!)


  4. Stick to your themes


To create beautiful spaces in your home I would argue that you need to have some kind of theme running throughout. Having one room defined by simplicity and another with an ornate vintage feel simple doesn’t work. Whilst changing the character of each room works, changing the feel doesn't. Underlying themes tie in a feel of continuity. 


Did you visit the exhibition of the year at the Saatchi Gallery? Do you have any other interior design tips to add? We'd love to hear them, tweet us :)

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