7 Quick Tips For Decorating Your Balcony This Summer

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7 Quick Tips For Decorating Your Balcony This Summer

Like many people in London, my only outdoor space is a small balcony. With summer quickly approaching I thought I’d invest some love and attention into making my balcony summer-ready! Here are my top tips:

  1. Decide what you want to use your balcony for – your balcony can be a great dining area, a sun trap or your reading corner, but being a small space - it's unlikely you'll be able to fit everything in! So think about what your main aim is. Do you want an outside dining space, a comfy space to relax or your own patch of green, filled to the brim with plants?
  2. Take time to measure and plan out your space – Planning your balcony before you start laying it out will allow you to find the most efficient layout. If your balcony is as tiny as mine, it may be worth looking into some space saving ideas like a table that clips on to your railings or one that folds down from the wall. Even something as simple as moving your seating area to the balcony edges will create the idea of more space to enjoy.
  3. Don’t be scared of adding a splash of colour – Not only will colour cheer up a plain and ordinary balcony, but it also adds to the summer atmosphere! This can be done in many ways, such as adding some colourful pot plants, getting some bright cushions for your seats or laying a pattered rug on the floor.
  4. Remember to be practical – there’s no point filling your balcony with all the bright and beautiful things you can find, if it makes it so full its unusable. Some practical ideas I came across were clips that you hang your chairs from and benches that act as storage units as well. Also, if you want to make your space a bit more private and secluded, think about installing a screen along the balcony glass.
  5. Think about lighting – If you are planning on using your balcony in the evenings, and winter too, if you’re brave, then lighting will be just as important as your table and chairs. If you want something new or different, look into colourful or shaped string lighting. Solar or candle lanterns can also be effective ways of lighting a dining table.
  6. Remember the small details – Although your dining table or seating area may be the main focal point of your balcony space, the small details will be what sets you apart from the other balconies of London. Things like placing some plants underneath a window between the balcony and flat, will not only join your inside and outside space together, but also add some colour to your London view.
  7. Simple is just as good – If you are just looking to create a relaxing space you can unwind in after a long day, then all you need is a comfy seat and a small table to place your wine on! If colour is not your thing, monochromatic style can create a chic, but simple balcony style.

In the end, its all about making the space your own, ready to relax and enjoy in the summer sunshine!

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