Paris Fashion Week: 4 Inspiring Interior Decor Blogs

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Paris Fashion Week: 4 Inspiring Interior Decor Blogs

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After the tragedy of the recent Paris attacks, we wanted to celebrate the beauty and originality of this incredible city, and help you create a Parisian haven in your home. So after searching high and low, we've found you the best interior blogs to complete our Fashion Week decor series.

Taking inspiration from this beautiful city by bringing these trends into your home can be quite simple. From sharp whites, to contrasting the lavish & the simple, here are our top 4 Interior Decor blogs that are taking inspiration for their decor from trends seen at Paris Fashion Week...



Cocon De Decoration

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Bright colours and patterns always make outfits stand out, proved by Mui Mui and Valentino this autumn, and they can also make a unique statement in your room. Using bright, patterned wallpaper is huge in interiors style right now. See the best way to work this trend in this article written by French blogger Julie, which shows some incredfibly beautiful & unique wallpaper styles.


Frenchy Fancy

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Contrasting with the bright colours seen at Mui and Mui and Valentino, Mulger and Saint Laurent shows designs in muted shades- with dramatic, sharp cut, white looks. With the high ceilings and ornate designs of Parisian flats this is something easily recreated in the home of fashion, but it’s also something you can use as inspiration for your London flat! Working this look is an easy way to keep the home looking clean and fresh. To get advice from the expert head to 'Frenchy Fancy' and read author Celine's top tips for a new French look.


Hip Paris Blog

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This blog perfectly captures the essence of Parisian decor, and shows you how to 'decorate like a Parisian'. Mixing the lavish with the simple really creates a specially Parisian look, it's classy without being over-bearing; it's interesting without being overcrowded. This is something the designers at PFW always hit perfectly, and there are so many markets in East London where you can find some simple, antique pieces to compliment your lavish decor. 



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The Givenchy designs at the recent Paris Fashion Week had a vintage and intricate feel to them. The facial jewellery, the fur accents and the soft fabrics create such a contrast. This blog shows us how we can pair some of these sharp designs - like the black mirror - and combine them with softer home accents to create the wonderful contrast seen in Paris this autumn!   


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