3 Fabulous Meat-Free Restaurants in Islington

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3 Fabulous Meat-Free Restaurants in Islington

London has a diverse choice of restaurants and bars, but when you’re avoiding meat, options reduce dramatically.  A healthy meat-free diet takes thought and planning to ensure it is varied and exciting.  Eating out can be super boring unless you find a true professional chef who is honestly passionate about all food, not just meat.

The vegetarian and vegan diet is growing more and more popular.  Pret are jumping on the bandwagon by offering a larger selection of veggie options and even Flora have created their own dairy-free butter.

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting in on the act.

As a vegetarian local to N1, I took it upon myself to check out the local dining options that excited me.  From the most expensive down to the cheap and cheerful, I have tried them all! Here are my 3 recommendations for your dining pleasure.


The Gate

5* Food

2.5* Service


The Gate has the ultimate fancy vegetarian food.  With it’s gorgeous decor and fabulous crowd it creates a beautiful atmosphere.  The service was almost comical - if it wasn’t for the price tag.  I was served my food and my drinks but never in the right order.  The cocktails were gorgeous but took twenty five minutes to make their way to the table.  At £70 for 2 courses, 1 cocktail and a bottle of wine, I expected quality service to match the product.  An  extremely clean restaurant except the wine glasses that needed a quick polish.  The table was far too small, especially as the staff didn’t clear empty glasses or clear any plates!



5* Food

4.5* Service


Zilouf has absolutely gorgeous (and healthy) food.  With a trendy decor and custom, the vibe was very relaxed and enjoyable (even if the tables were slightly sticky from too much cleaning product).  The staff were incredible.  They explained the menu and made suggestions for match my vegetarian diet.  In fact, about half of the menu was vegetarian which just proves how popular and fabulous the veggie diet must be!  At just £32 for 2 courses and 2 G&Ts, plus impeccable service, this is definitely my favourite for both quality and professionalism.


Craft Beer Co.

4* Food

4* Service


The selection of ales at the Craft Beer Co. is amazing.  The ales are constantly on rotation and if that excites you as much as it excites me, it is worth a visit even without the food.  The food is simple pub grub made delicious.  With a menu that stretches from burgers to chips, it’s kept very restricted but suitable for the environment.  They served one of the the best veggie burgers I’ve ever had (with the exception of Red’s True Barbecue).  At £11 per meal it is fabulous value for money (I will not declare the cost of the whole bill as that would reveal how many ales I tasted).  A special mention to the band that plays every Wednesday.  They play fun folk and blues music from a very talented bunch of music and who made the atmosphere as fun as it is was.

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