5 Reasons Why We Love N1 (And You Should Too!)

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5 Reasons Why We Love N1 (And You Should Too!)

Did you know Housekeep cleaners have ironed over 7000 shirts, and cleaned over 2500 homes in Islington? It goes without saying, that we are big fans of N1, in fact we have 100s of happy customers, and experienced cleaners that are helping clean up Islington each and every day!

There are lots of things to love about Islington, so as the newest team member at Housekeep, I thought I would ask the team their thoughts on this beautiful area, and we've managed to come up with our top 5:


1. Vibrant & Energetic Atmosphere

If you are looking for a place to spend a Friday night, or just to hang out with your friends, Islington is the right choice for you. Islington holds over 130 nightlife venues and around 350 restaurants, and there is sure to be something for every taste and preference. N1 prides itself on serving cuisine from all over the world and reflecting the multicultural London vibe that we love so much.

For a great night out we recommend: 69 Colebrook Row, a unique cocktail bar with an interior decor that blends 1950s Italian Café style with a Film Noir feel.


2. Stylish Shops & Boutiques

Another reason why we can't quite get enough of Islington is the variety of shops & boutiques that every fashionista would appreciate. More than 200 shops can be found in N1, and they all have to be checked out! Could Upper Street become the new Oxford Street? We wouldn’t be surprised! In fact, we're always finding inspiration for home decor from the latest fashion trends & styles, so why not have a look at the incredible boutiques in N1 to see whether you can find some interiors inspiration.

For stylish shopping we recommend: Diverse Clothing, an innovative boutique that has introduced numerous iconic brands to Islington, whilst supporting the very best new up-and-coming designers.


3.  Pet Friendly Area

The great atmosphere and entertainment venues keeps locals laid back and friendly, in fact you can take your pets to many restaurants in the area. A favourite past time of Islington dwellers is just to have a long walk in a park with their pets. One in four N1 residents have one or more pets in their home, making it one of the most pet-friendly zones in London.

Islington is home to famous pets too — Bob the Cat and his owner used to be based just outside Angel station!

For pet friendly dining we recommend: Friends of Ours - a few minutes walk from Old Street station, it's the perfect place to stop for a bite to eat when walking your pup!


4. Stunning Architecture

Another distinctive thing about Islington? Its beautiful architecture. The residential parts of N1 are famous for the colourful doors and beautiful flowers, as well as tasteful outdoor decorations. Just pop into the areas on either side of Upper Street, and the beauty of central London living will open up to you.

To admire the stunning architecture of Islington we recommend visiting: Kings Cross St Pancras Station - stop for a beautiful meal at Plum & Spilt Milk, inside the Great Northern Hotel 


5. Unique Urban Culture

Last but not the least, Islington has its own little urban culture with endless possibilities for spending your time in great ways. Do you feel more at home drinking superb coffee in one of the independent cafés, or do you fancy catching up with friends over drinks? Or perhaps you want to catch a pop-up art show right next to the tube station? N1 is home to creative, artistic people and ideas, and you are sure to find something to your taste there. We love Islington — do you?

For an artsy day out we recommend: Parasol Unit on 14 Wharf Road, a not-for-profit art house organising four thought-provoking exhibitions each year to support international talent.


If you want to learn more interesting facts, we've crunched the numbers to find out all about our customers in N1, find out more here or click the picture below!


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